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Courier Car Insurance

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We understand that shopping and comparing
Courier Car Insurance isn't always the
simplest task.

That's why we created Courier Cover.

How it works

How it works

Our team put together the info the insurers require

We compare with multiple insurers

We can place cover the same day with flexible payment options, including monthly or fortnightly payments

You're insured and your policy documents arrive via email


Compare with some of Australia's largest insurers.

8 Reasons Why Couriers Choose Us


A policy designed to protect you and your business if liability was to arise


Designed to cover non owned trailers that may be in your control


Designed to insure the value of your load in the case of an accident


Quick and transparent service so you can get the right cover at a great price


Cover for your income if your truck is out of action following an insured event


Lodge a claim 7 days, so you can get repairs as quick as possible


Our friendly team are here to help with your enquiries and to answer any questions you might have


We have a range of different insurances for you to choose from - there's bound to be one for your situation

Courier insurance, but simple.

Compare Multiple Insurers

Renewal Management

 Comprehensive Business Packages

Dedicated Claim Staff

Business Insurance Specialists

Direct Broker Contact

What Is Courier Car Insurance?

Explore Courier Cover for optimal insurance policies.

Courier Car Insurance is a game-changing policy tailored to safeguard those brave souls who navigate the roads to deliver goods and services. Whether you're a freelance courier or a bustling business, comprehensive insurance can shield you from the unique risks you face. From protecting your vehicle and goods in transit to covering public and employer's liability, it can be your all-in-one safety net. Remember, standard car insurance won't cut it for courier services – that's why you need the protection of a specially designed courier car insurance policy. 

Here Is A List Of Who May Require Courier Car Insurance:
  • Self-Employed Couriers

  • Food Delivery Drivers

  • Parcel Delivery Companies

  • E-commerce Businesses

  • Courier and Freight Companies

  • Retail Businesses Offering Home Delivery

  • Pharmaceuticals Delivery Services

  • Businesses Offering Same-Day Delivery Services

  • Furniture Delivery Companies

  • Flower and Gift Delivery Services

  • Independent Contractors in the Gig Economy

The Risks of Not Having Courier Car Insurance

Opting out of courier car insurance can lead to significant financial and legal consequences. If you're involved in an accident while carrying out a courier service task without the appropriate insurance, you could be held personally liable for any damage or injuries resulting from that accident. This could lead to substantial out-of-pocket expenses, and your standard car insurance may not cover these costs. Additionally, you could face legal penalties, including fines and potentially losing your licence to operate. Ultimately, neglecting to get courier car insurance puts you and your business at risk, making this coverage essential for any courier-related operation.

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